Nine Easy Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein is one of the most important macronutrient when it comes to muscle Gain, weight loss, and Post recovery workout. This fact makes essential for you to consume enough Daily protein intake. As a rule of thumb, You should consume 1 Gram of Protein for every pound of your body.  e.g. if you weigh 75 kgs = 165.3 Pounds => 165 Grams of Daily Protein Intake.

This is how you can complete your Daily protein Intake.

1. Make Protein your First Priority.

The key to enhancing your protein intake is to go for the proteins in your meals first before you move on to eating the carbs. Proteins increase the release of a gastrointestinal hormone that increases satiety. In addition to that protein enriched foods reduce the levels of hunger hormone and thus enhance the metabolic rate after you have had your meal and while you are asleep.  Also, this protein preference maintains your blood sugar and insulin levels, preventing them from going up following the meal, in addition to imparting a filling up effect.

2. Use Cheese as Snacks.

One very effective way of protein addition to your diet regime is via inclusion of protein in your snacks. The problem with most regular snacks is that they are not high on protein content e.g. chips, crackers etc. On the other hand cheddar cheese provides seven grams of protein, lesser calories and four times calcium. Another positive factor is that cheese does not increase too much cholesterol level of the blood; as a matter of fact cheese is card protective.

3. Take Eggs instead of cereal

Most of our regular breakfasts are not protein enriched e.g. cereals, oatmeal etc. whereas three eggs contain nineteen grams of protein and small amounts of other nutrients i.e. selenium and choline. Not with only do eggs provide you with enough protein but also impart a filling up effect, and curb your appetite, and are also cardio protective. .

4. Use Chopped Almonds as Topping

Almonds are among the healthiest foods, as they contain adequate amounts of a lot of important nutrients e.g. magnesium, fiber and cardio friendly monounsaturated fat, and best point are also low in carbohydrates. In one ounce serving of almonds there are six grams of protein, which is why as protein source almonds are given precedence over nuts. Caloric content of the serving is 167 calories, but research suggests human body absorbs a mere of 129 digestible calories out of these. So, what are you waiting for go grab almonds and add them to yogurt, cheese, salads etc. for both enhanced proteins as well as enhanced flavors

5. Go for Greek Yogurt

This is a smart choice as Greek yogurt is very high in protein content. An eight ounce serving of it contains seventeen to twenty grams of protein-this is double the protein regular yogurt contains-which may vary for different brands. The Greek yogurt is manufactured by taking away whey and other liquids which gives a protein enriched creamier yogurt. The scientific basis of Greek yogurts serving as a perfect diet is that it enhances the release of certain enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract which lead to decrease in hunger and impart you a sense of fullness. Moreover, Greek yogurt is also rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that leads to effective fat reduction. The best way to eat Greek yogurt is by the inclusion of berries or some other fruit chopped and added to it. Similarly you can also use it as an alternate to sour cream in various recipes.  And if there is not anything you wish to add then it can be best served as it is.

6. Include Protein enriched Foods in your Salad

While salads are enriched in healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants , they are usually low on protein content as a result they don’t have a satiating effect leaving you hungry shortly after eating these. So the key to fix this problem is by including protein to your salad. For instance you can add the following food items in your salad as topping.

Tip: A hundred grams of these provide the given amounts of protein:

Chicken/turkey breast: 30 grams.

Tuna (Fish) contains 26 grams, Salmon(Fish) contains 25 grams, cheese contains 22 grams,and a cup of Plant in origin- garbanzo beans contain 15 grams.

7. Make yourself a glass of Protein Shake in Breakfast

For breakfast both shakes and smoothies make a great choice, however the benefit you can reap from these highly depends on the ingredient added to them, as mostly the fruit or vegetable content is quite higher than the protein content.  This is where protein powders e.g. egg, pea, soy, whey protein etc. come in handy, and these can give you a protein enriched shake in a jiffy. Among these the most beneficial is whey protein powder, as twenty eight grams of it give you twenty grams of protein.

For your convenience a simple and quick whey protein shake recipe is added here.

Tip: To enhance the protein quantity more, put in more protein powder or better yet mix peanut butter, almond butter, flax or chia seeds.


  • 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk.
  • A spoon of whey powder.
  • A cup of fresh berries.
  • Any healthy sweetener.
  • Half cup of crushed ice.
  • Put all these in a blender and mix till the shake is ready.

Protein shake gives you a perfect start of the day, and in fact the best start to your diet regime.


Protein 1

8. Add a food item rich in Proteins with each Meal

Say for instance includes potatoes, fish, and broccoli in a single meal, as this is essential to get adequate protein at every meal. According to experts around twenty to thirty grams of protein intake with every meal is a must, as this quantity enhances sense of fullness and promote muscle health more effectively than smaller portions of protein added to your diet regime.  One way to make this routine possible is to add the tastiest protein enriched food items to your diet at all meals.

9. Go for lean meat, taking larger pieces of Meat

So, this might sound unintelligible to you, but it is a fact that leaner yet larger pieces of meat can raise the quantity of protein by a consequential amount in your diet, and that in a very easy to follow method. The bonus point is that, this way the calorie count too is lower, as an example see the difference between these two steaks:Fatty Ribeye steak has eighteen grams of protein and two seventy four calories per hundred grams. Lean Top sirloin steak has twenty four grams protein and two twenty five calories per one hundred and twelve grams.


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